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Dare to improve?


Experience demonstrates that technology is not usually the biggest challenge to organisational efficiency – but culture and skills. The challenge is how to objectively measure these intangible things at the individual, team and organisational levels; to understand your true capability and how to improve it.

What if you could...

Map your organisation’s capability based purely on skills?
Clearly define and measure all job roles against corporate strategy?
Understand how to build high-performance teams for every project?
Identify skills gaps and problems before they cost time and money?

"In God we trust. All others must bring data,"
Dr Edwards Deming


With it’s unique bottom-up approach, Astrolabe is both a microscope and a telescope. It enables you to objectively measure and map your organisation’s capabilities based purely on skills. It 'gamifies' performance management for individuals; they can update their skills and achievements regularly, working towards their individual goals. Access to this live, accurate data means management can quickly build high performance teams, identify skills gaps, and use predictive analytics to spot risks before they become weaknesses. Leaders can use the intuitive dashboards to check the pulse of the organisation in real-time to make data-driven decisions about their ability to deliver corporate strategy.