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Dare to improve?

Our tailored approach combines consultancy engagement, research and bespoke training services.



From diagnosing weaknesses to designing measurable solutions, executive coaching to embedded support – we work with you every step of the way to give you the tools you need to unlock your organisation’s potential.

Management-led Cultural Change

We mentor senior management to build a culture of Business Agility. Then we help you effectively communicate and embed that culture so you’ll feel the benefits quickly.

Creating & Leading High Performance Teams

We help organisations understand what a high performance team is, how to create, measure and lead those teams to deliver high value products and services.

Information Visualisation and Sharing

We help you take a fresh look at finding, sharing and displaying information – the good, the bad, and the ugly – to help you create more effective reporting and feedback loops.

Root Cause Analysis

We strip away the symptoms to reveal the underlying causes that haunt your people, projects and organisation – then help you eliminate them for good.

Intelligent Metrics

We go beyond the high-level, backward looking metrics to identify metrics that will give you new insight to make better decision and continuously improve.

Value Network Optimisation

We go beyond the high-level, backward looking metrics to identify metrics that will give you new insight to make better decisions and continuously improve.

Embedded Scrum Master

We place an experienced Scrum Master in your team to help you successfully adopt Scrum: getting it right first time while avoiding unnecessary risk.



They say knowledge is power. But we think it’s more than that: it’s the ability to adapt, change, grow and deliver no matter what the world throws at you. It’s understanding what’s coming before it arrives. And it’s being able to go beyond knowing to doing, turning that information into better decisions and actions.

Astrolabe is a predictive modelling tool which enables individuals and organisations alike to objectively measure their capabilities based on skills. No more lengthy capability reviews – it’s intuitive dashboards enable you to make data-driven decisions to build high performing teams, identify and manage gaps and keep your finger on the pulse.



Every year we train more than 3,000 people from FTSE 250 companies and government organisations. We tailor our interactive workshops to your specific challenges to deliver a truly immersive and productive learning environment for your individuals or teams.

Our experienced consultants combine teaching with group discussion and ‘learning by doing’.

Current training workshops include

Agile & Scrum Foundation, Agile Executive Overview, Test Driven Development, Acceptance Test Driven Development, Kanban, Estimating and Planning, Practical Application of Scrum, Practical Application of Scrum for Product Owners, Practical Application of Project Management with Scrum, Preparing for Professional Scrum Product Owner, Preparing for Professional Scrum Master, User Story Workshop, and Scaled Agile Frameworks.