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  • Advanced Scrum Workshop [2-day]

    This two day, advanced workshop will help you overcome challenges in Agile and Scrum adoption, achieve business buy-in and sustainable business agility in order to optimise your ROI. Delegates will learn advanced teamwork techniques, including ways to grow and nurture self-organising teams and enable the organisation to deliver successful projects with single or multiple teams.

    Who will benefit from this workshop?

    Scrum Masters, Managers, Senior Developers, Development team leads, Test Leads or someone who interfaces with Scrum teams.


    A deep understanding of and practical experience with Agile concepts and practices.

    Through attending this workshop, you will gain insights into:

    • Scrum roles, accountabilities and responsibilities
    • Self-organisation vs managed teams
    • How to structure teams
    • Continuous improvement – more than just lip service
    • How mature you are in the application of Agile practices

    The workshop will also cover aspects of:

    • How to start and grow Agile & Scrum in your organisation
    • The Agile community within your company
    • Managing change for Business Stakeholders, Project managers, Testers, Business Analysts, Data professionals and Architects
    • The use of specialists
    • Third party dependencies

    Interactive sessions and engaging discussions will also take place around:

    • Capabilities building backlog
    • Technical Debt: how to measure and how to repay
    • Quality as a corporate asset
    • Metrics
    • Governance and Agile
    • Impediments service

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