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  • Agile Executive Overview [1/2 Day]

    What can I expect?

    Agile offers an alternative approach to the traditional project management technique, suitable for use when delivering complex products in a fast-paced environment. Often perceived as a way of delivering “better, faster, cheaper”, Agile is not a silver bullet, nor is it suitable for all types of project. An organisation’s ability to react quickly and intelligently to change whilst delivering complex products requires an open, quality driven culture. Transitioning to Agile challenges the status quo at all levels within the organisation, not least of all, senior management who need to operate differently. The process of implementing Agile & Scrum is challenging as problematic areas are exposed. An estimated 40% of Agile implementations fail as senior management underestimate the difficulty in cultural change and practical application.

    This interactive workshop will help Senior Executives to understand the relevance of Agile for the wider enterprise, how it supports Business Agility, improves Return on Investment and reduces time to market. Participants will learn what “Agile” is, how it will foster collaboration between business and IT and will understand how it can reduce risk and increase transparency.

    The outcome will deliver an understanding surrounding what the transition to Agile will mean, and to conclude whether it is appropriate for your organisation.

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