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  • Agile Project Management [2 Days]

    What can I expect?

    Agile offers an alternative approach to the traditional Waterfall project management technique and is suitable for use when delivering complex products in a challenging environment. Often perceived as a way of delivering “better, faster, cheaper”,  Agile is not a silver bullet, nor is it suitable for all types of project. An organisation’s ability to react quickly and intelligently to change whilst delivering complex products in complex environments requires an open, quality driven culture. Transitioning challenges the status quo at all levels within the organisation, not least of all, the PMO and Project Managers who need to operate differently.

    Designed to help traditional Project Managers understand what Agile is and what is involved in a successful transition, this hands-on workshop is designed to offer insight into Agile from its most introductory point, creatively involving delegates in discussions surrounding cultural change, governance and quality delivery.

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