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61% of projects fail, find out why.


Quantum of Value is a consulting firm that helps organisations to improve Business Agility driving behavioural change

What We Do

We help FTSE 250 companies and government bodies to create a high performance culture: to react quickly and intelligently to change, deliver complex products on time and on budget, and to the highest quality. We can give you the insight to understand what high performance teams are, how to create, measure and lead those teams to deliver high value products and services in even the most unpredictable markets.


Create Transparency

Say goodbye to uncertainty. We’ll work with you to identify what’s working, what’s not and why...So you can encourage openness, improve communication, and start working with the real facts. We help you visualise your organisations’ skills, highlighting risks and areas for targeted, measurable improvement.


Respond to Change

In today’s fast paced business environment we have to deliver more, faster and often cheaper than we did in the past. High performing teams require an adapted way of working in order to achieve increasingly stretched goals. We give you the skills to continuously review, adapt and innovate – to help your business thrive in an unpredictable world.


Deliver Quality

No more "by the skin of our teeth"; exceed expectations with every project. We’ll help you embed the quest for quality into your corporate DNA to deliver the highest quality, eliminate waste, reduce costs and shorten time to market.

By working with an experienced Agile specialist, you can remove unnecessary risk and reap the benefits of increased Business Agility right from the start.

Ensure universal buy-in



Identify strengths, weaknesses and barriers to success



The best high performance consulting and training approaches for your organisation



The support you need to achieve high performance, quickly

We mentor everyone from the Board to developers and operations teams, giving you the tools to take a fresh perspective and unlock your team’s potential

Do you have:

• Unbiased, straight-talking external advisers who’ll challenge the status quo?
• The tools to solve complex problems and make sustainable improvements?
• An ear to the ground to discover best practices and apply them effectively?

experienced, credible, valued

We’re a team of digital specialists, city experts, tech industry leaders, business development and project managers – all with extensive experience in consulting and training. We’re united by our intellectual curiosity, exceptional problem solving skills and a passion for achieving sustainable business change.

Allison Bacher

Managing Partner

Business development specialist Allison was the driving force behind the launch of Gartner’s UK Public Sector services, and has held senior roles at a number of analyst firms. She successfully led teams at the Financial Times during their transition from free to paid-for content. Allison’s strong focus on business value and value for the customer makes her the perfect coach for business leaders and product owners looking to improve their business agility in challenging circumstances.

Josef Bacher

Managing Partner

Josef takes a pragmatic approach to challenging the status quo and increasing Business Agility. He tells it like it is. Josef understands that complexity in the business is a function of its people, its culture and its objectives. He led practices at CapGemini, BMW and as a VP for Gartner. His background encompasses Psychology and Applied Computer Sciences, and he recently designed and ran a survey, covering over 20,000 respondents into Agile adoption in the UK.