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The SaaS tool which shows you where you are, targets where you want to be and navigates your route to success

Astrolabe empowers the ambitious, transforming the reactive to proactive.

Set your target, create your path, visualise progress, achieve!

Astrolabe puts the power of transparency, performance data and predictive indicators in your hands. Nurture, measure and lead to deliver high value products and services in even the most unpredictable markets.

Choose what you need, make it your own, drive your performance to new heights.


Create Transparency

Know your start point; define and measure skills against business objectives, visualize capabilities, learn from high performers and identify gaps before they cost time and money.


Respond to Change

We need to be more agile than ever before. The pace of change and increased complexity mean we must be able to react quickly, innovate and adapt to survive. The key to this business agility lies in building high performance - the right skills, culture, direction and motivation to succeed.



No more "by the skin of our teeth" delivery; Build and inspire high performing teams, link skills and performance management to corporate goals, use leading indicators to guide product delivery.

Astrolabe is founded on industry expertise and insights from high performance organisations around the world

Ensure universal focus

Grow, Transform, Achieve

We’re a team with extensive experience in consulting leading organisations around the world. We’ve distilled what we learned, used, and know into a powerful data-driven decision-making tool - ASTROLABE.

Allison Bacher

Managing Partner

Business development specialist Allison has a strong track record of delivering results in challenging environments. She was the driving force behind the launch of Gartner’s UK Public Sector services, held senior roles at analyst firms and successfully led teams at the Financial Times as they transitioned to commercial digital content licences.

Allison's practical experience of achieving consistent delivery in complex environments gave rise to her motto – it’s all about people!

Josef Bacher

Managing Partner

Josef’s background of business and psychology coupled with his ability to cut through complexity make him passionate about building high quality products. As a Director Strategy for BMW Consulting and a VP for Gartner, he learned and practised the aggregation of marginal gains.

Josef’s deep insights gleaned over extensive consulting engagements gave rise to the creation of Astrolabe, which translates the idea of marginal gains into practice!